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Post  Aritry on Sat Jan 24, 2009 3:34 pm

Eyes are no more to behold beauty,
It’s to see the cruel reality.
Ignorance has stopped hurting me –
As it’s my regular treat.
Rain is only to drench me in pain
And get lost in memories.

Life is a wild game
Where I fear to lose again.
Love is a deep feeling
What I never had actually.
Sweetness is an old fragrance
Which has left me long ago.

Dream is a so called fairy tale,
Because it never came true in my life.
Broken is always my smile,
As laughing hurts like hell.
Thoughts are only to guide me
Towards too darkness to come back.

Care is a rare tenderness of feeling,
What I felt decades ago.
Wishes have stopped and reduced to one –
To kill myself by playing with the thunder.
The night sky has became the only friend
Who has seen my eyes to bleed.

::PaIn DoEsNt HuRt, WhEn ItS tHe OnLy ThInG u HaV eVeR fElT::

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