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Post  Aritry on Sat Jan 24, 2009 3:31 pm

She is a girl from another world
She walks with a smile on her face
Her six strings is her only friend left
Dreams of heaven in her voice she raises.

She is like the morning’s brightest gift
She sounds like the bird’s chirp.
She sings for the sake of our world,
Trying to wake us up with her lyrics and tunes.

Her old faded clothes can’t resist her from shining
Like a precious diamond on a girls ring!
She strikes the chords of guitar
Hoping for a new day, wishing upon a falling star.

Sometimes she loses herself in nostalgia
Looking through her life’s encyclopedia.
Somehow pain grabs her
And from her eyes, falls a precious tear.

She spreads love in hearts
Taking away all our sadness;
She turns the music of our pure souls on
But you’d never admit – she’s an angel inborn.

She cries seeing us doing wrong,
She becomes sad to see us ruining ourselves.
She turns into a hated rebel-
Just to gift us the future love of heaven.

::PaIn DoEsNt HuRt, WhEn ItS tHe OnLy ThInG u HaV eVeR fElT::

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